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Light, Medium, Dark Roast - what is the difference?

What the roast is essentially referring to is the temperature the beans were brought to before being released to cool.

Light Roast

Light roast is what we reach for first thing in the morning. As it holds the highest amount of caffeine, it has the power to help create a functioning human being to start the day. "Light roasts" are a light brown color and are bought to a temperature of 365 to 400 degrees, dropped just after what is also known as the first crack.

At this point, there is still a good amount of moisture left in the beans, which is where the higher coffee concentration comes from. Light roasts place a spotlight on the origin flavors of the bean. Our lightest roast is our Ethiopian, and for this origin, we wanted to feature the natural juicy flavors of berries and exotic fruits the beans from this region are known for.

Medium Roast

Medium roasts, also known as American or Breakfast Roast, hold a dark brown color with a slightly oily finish. When roasted, they are brought to a temperature between 400 and 430 degrees. At this point, some of the vibrancies of the natural origin flavors are decreasing, but the sweetness of the coffee bean is intensifying. This roast is a great any time cup, ideal for a mid-afternoon pick me up. Our medium roasts consist of two different origins, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. We wanted to bring out the lush Carmel flavor of the Colombian, and creamy chocolate tones of Papua New Guinea.

Dark Roast

Dark Roasts pack a full-body flavor and low acidity. Brought to a temperature between 430 and 450 degrees, the beans have an almost black coloration with a very oily finish. The flavor profile of these roasts has replaced the bean's vibrant origin notes with the signature flavors imparted by the roaster and its process. A slightly less caffeinated option that holds a deep sweet flavor. When creating our dark roast, we again use our Columbian bean, but this time, wanted to push the development of the bold brown sugars in the beans.

At the end of it all, it's coffee, and it is something to bring you joy. Have fun trying new things and drinking them however and whenever you want. There is almost no wrong way to enjoy a well-roasted batch of beans.

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