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Peaberry Coffees


Coffee enthusiasts, behold the hidden gem in the world of coffee beans – the peaberry. If you're a true coffee aficionado, you might have come across this term, sparking curiosity about what sets it apart from the sea of regular coffee beans. In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating world of peaberry coffee, unraveling its secrets and uncovering why it's considered a unique and prized variety.

What is Peaberry Coffee? To understand peaberry coffee, let's first delve into the anatomy of a coffee cherry. Normally, coffee cherries contain two seeds, or beans, nestled side by side. These seeds are flat on one side, creating the characteristic oval shape we associate with coffee beans. However, in about 5% of coffee cherries, a rare and special phenomenon occurs – a single, round-shaped seed is produced instead of the usual two. This lone seed is what we know as a peaberry.

Green Peaberry Coffee

Characteristics of Peaberry Coffee:

Size and Shape:

  • The most noticeable feature of peaberry coffee beans is their small, round shape. Unlike regular coffee beans, peaberries lack the flat side, giving them a distinct appearance.

Flavor Profile:

  • Peaberry coffee is often praised for its unique flavor profile. Many coffee connoisseurs describe it as having a more concentrated and intense flavor compared to regular coffee beans. The taste is often characterized by a bright acidity, a full body, and a vibrant, lively character.

Sorting and Rarity:

  • Due to their distinct shape, peaberries are usually sorted and separated from regular coffee beans during processing. This meticulous sorting process contributes to the rarity of peaberry coffee, making it a sought-after variety among coffee enthusiasts.

Hrysek Farms Tanzania Peaberry

Geographic Variations:

  • Peaberry coffee is not tied to a specific coffee-growing region. You can find peaberries in various coffee-producing countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Each region imparts its unique terroir to the peaberries, resulting in diverse and captivating flavor profiles.

Roasting Considerations:

  • When roasting peaberry coffee, some roasters suggest slightly adjusting the roast profile to enhance its distinctive qualities. The goal is to bring out the inherent flavors while maintaining the bean's natural characteristics.

Roasted Peaberry Coffee


In the vast landscape of coffee beans, the peaberry stands out as a rare and exceptional variety. Its unique shape, concentrated flavors, and the meticulous process involved in sorting make it a true gem for coffee enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and memorable cup. Next time you're on the lookout for a coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary, consider exploring the world of peaberry coffee – a small, round bean with a big and bold character.

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