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French Press

The French Press is simple reliable method to brew a consistently full flavor heavy bodied cup of coffee. French presses come in many sizes to brew just for you or for you and your guests.

5 Minutes
 Course - Bread Crumbs
1 : 15 
50 grams : 750 grams 
Step 1

Heat 750 grams of water to 205°

Step 2

Weigh out coffee beans, grind, and pour into the french press.

What you'll need 

French Press, Coffee, Grinder, Kettle, Scale, Wooden Spoon/Chopstick, Timer

Step 3

Bloom the coffee. Start your timer as you begin pouring. Gently fill the press halfway with water and allow it to “bloom”. At 1 minute, use your spoon/chopstick to break your crust and give it a good stir. We recommend wood to avoid cracking your press.

Step 4

Once stirred, filled the press with remaining water and put the top on. Do no plunge, just let the coffee seep.

French Press copy.png
Step 5

At 4 minutes, you are ready to plunge the press. If pressing down is difficult, the coffee was ground to fine. If the press moves too quickly, the coffee was ground to course. Serve immediately or place remaining coffee into another carafe. If left in the press, it will continue to extract and become bitter.

Step 6

Pour and enjoy the brew!

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