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Bringing elegance to your morning routine, the Chemex was introduced in 1941 with a design so iconic that it is housed in the MOMA, remaining unchanged since its introduction. The Chemex is a large pour over designed with the versatility to brew single or multiple cups. It offers you unlimited control in fine-tuning your brew to bring out the flavor notes of whatever coffee you use.

5 minutes
205° - 210°
Medium Course - Sea Salt
1:15 (750 grams : 50 grams)

What you'll need 

Step 1

Heat more water than is required for your brewed amount. Place carafe on the scale to keep track of your amounts through the process. Place filter into Chemex with the multiple fold side over the spout. When water is ready, saturate the entire filter. This will rinse the filter to remove unwanted flavors, create a seal with the carafe, and warm the carafe. Carefully remove the filter, discard the water in the carafe, and reset the filter.

Chemex Carafe, Coffee, Water, Grinder, Kettle, Chemex Filter, Scale, Timer

Step 2

Weigh out coffee beans, grind, pour into the filter and give it a light shake to evenly distribute the grounds. Tare scale.

Step 3

Bloom Pour - you will make 4 pours in the brew process. The first is the Bloom Pour. Start at the center of the bed of grounds, gently pouring twice the amount of water as the amount of coffee (100 grams), in a spiral motion towards the edge of the coffee. Try to avoid pouring water down the side of the filter beyond grounds. You will notice the coffee expanding, or “blooming”. Allow it to do so for about 50 seconds. This ensures adequate saturation of the coffee

Untitled design-15 copy.png
Step 4 

Second Pour - Starting back at the center, gentle pour in a spiral motion towards the edge of the coffee and back to the center, avoiding pouring on the filter. This step uses about 200 grams of water.

Step 5

Third and Forth Pour - Once the “slurry” reaches about 1 inch from the bottom of the filter, repeat the pour process in step 4, adding water in 200 gram increments in the same spiral motion. When the water seeps down to an inch from the bottom, introduce the final pour.

Step 6

Pour and enjoy the brew!

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