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I would love to spell out the instructions to pulling the perfect shot, but the truth is, mastering espresso takes time and experimentation. The machine, grind size, and amount of coffee in the portofilter will all play a part in the extraction process, and one or all of these factors will have to be adjusted to dial in a worthy shot. But once you get it, all the hard work is so worth it. Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos, mochas, cortados, the list goes on and on. Each one starts with espresso. One shot, Double, Triple, Quad?? The choice is yours. The versatility of an espresso shot lays the foundation for an endless array of coffee beverages. Let’s go over some of the basics to get you on the path to pulling a great shot.

2 minutes
 Fine - Powdered Sugar
18-20 Grams Double 
9-10  Grams Single 
French Press-2.png

What you'll need 

Step 1

Fill up the reservoir on the espresso machine with fresh water.

Espresso Machine, Espresso Shot Glass, Grinder, Coffee, Scale, Tamper, Timer

Step 2

Tare scale. Remove the portafilter from grouphead.

Step 3

Purge grouphead with hot water.

Step 4

Place portafilter on scale and tare the weight.

Step 5

For a double shot, finely grind 18-20 grams into the basket.

Untitled design-15.png
Step 6

Evenly distribute the grinds in the basket with your finger in a sweeping motion

Step 7

Tamp down the coffee until it feels like the coffee is pushing back - about 25-30 pounds of pressure. Finish with a gentle spin. Make sure the coffee bed is flat and even.

Step 8 

Set the filter into the grouphead and pull your shot. It should take roughly 25 seconds. If it moves too quickly, the grind is to course, if it moves too slow, the grind is too fine

Step 9 

Serve it how you would like and enjoy! 

Our Espresso Blend  

A carefully crafted combination of three origins from South America and the Pacific Islands. This medium-dark roast offers a rich and creamy texture with notes of nutty chocolate. Our espresso blend is designed to provide an unforgettable shot experience without causing any negative impact on your machine. It's perfect for coffee enthusiasts and baristas who prioritize quality and consistency in their daily brew. Give our Espresso Blend a try and experience the true essence of specialty coffee..

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