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A relative newcomer as a brew method, the simple, lightweight portable design of the Aeropress have quickly made it a great addition to any coffee lovers brewing arsenal. Whether you are at the office, traveling and staying in a hotel room, or adventuring out in the woods on a camping trip - Great coffee can be brewed literally anywhere with an Aeropress. Originally designed for an espresso style shot, the end cup can range from a quick strong concentrate to a long immersive french press style, using either hot or cold water. Definitely experiment with this method, the possibilities are endless!

 4 Minutes
 Medium Course - Sea Salt
(220 grams : 17 grams)

What you'll need 

Aeropress, Coffee, Water, Grinder, Kettle, Aeropress Filter, Scale, Timer

Step 1

Heat the water in your kettle.

Step 2

Weigh out coffee beans and grind

Step 3

Set plunger into Aeropress pushed to the 4 setting and place plunger end down.

Step 4

Pour grinds into the AeroPress.

Step 5

Bloom the coffee. Pour water to fill about half way to saturate the coffee grinds. Let rest for 15-20 seconds, give it a stir with the paddle, then fill to the top of the chamber.

Untitled design-15 copy.png
Step 6

Set the filter in the basket and screw into place.

Step 7

Place your mug on top, then flip the mug and Aeropress, so the plunger is now on top.

Step 8 

Seep for 1 minute and press the plunger all the way to extract the coffee into your mug.

Step 9

Sip and enjoy!

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